InstructorBonnie Adair
Date12.04.2019 - 14.04.2019
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Interested in two rounds of SELF TAPE RECORDING and getting feedback on them? Would you like to improve your AUDITION SKILLS? Would you like to know more about what CASTING DIRECTORS and AGENTS are really looking for? Do you know your CASTING TYPE and how to market yourself as an actor? Are all your promotional materials coherent?  THIS COURSE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH ANSWERS to all these questions!
This course is designed for actors (or actors – students if there are slots) who are planning to expand their career into the UK and EU markets or for those who want to improve their Audition Technique and become more aware about how to market themselves in Poland and UK/EU.
Day 1 – Career Clinic
Career clinic: How to approach Agents, Casting Directors, your CV,  showreel and head shots.
Auditioning and working in the UK

This is an opportunity to get honest & constructive feedback on your material & find out if it really sells you. You will also find out how to approach agents, how to find the right agent for you & how to build relationships within the industry and with Casting Directors.

Day 2 – Casting types. Audition Practise

Do you know which type of roles you are best suited for, your casting type? In this session you’ll find out how others see you & each actor will be given a list of roles & character types that they are well suited to. You will get feedback on your self tapes recorded prior to the workshop. We will do a mock casting for a TV or Film script & you will be given a script to self Tape for the following day.
Day 3 – TV & Films Audition Practice + self tapes
Are you comfortable with self-taping? It’s now become commonplace & it’s important that you are able to give your best performance without letting the technical aspects of self taping get in the way. We will discuss the dos & donts of self-taping & will give feedback on each of your self tapes
Bonnie Adair – Actors Temple tutor with specialisation in Audition Technique. More about Bonnie:


12-14th April (12th Friday 18.15-22.15, 13/14th Sat/Sun 10-14.00)

Laboratorium Meisnera
Ul. Tarnowiecka 48
680 zł / 3 days / discounted price for Laboratorium Meisnera students (Pełny Trening w technice Meisnera) 640 zł.


Short scripts will be given/send it prior to the course. Actors will be expected to learn them and send one of the self tape before the workshop, second one will be asked to be recorded on Saturday. Actors can choose to work on the same scene or two differenct scenes for two rounds of self taping. Text provided will be in English.
Please send you application with your acting materials to
on this photo: Bonnie Adair teaching at the Actors Temple in London